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Frequently asked questions

Can masonry construction help with my broken chimney?

YES ! We have been in business since 2006 and worked with different chimneys around Toronto GTA.

What is thin stone veneer?

Thin stone veneer is real natural stone that is quarried and then manufactured. When we say manufactured..we mean it is cut down into thin pieces of stone that only show the natural “Face” of the stone. The finished thickness of the stone after manufacturing it varies from 1 inch to about 2 inches give or take.

What is Re-Pointing?

Re-pointing is the process of cutting out old mortar to a uniform depth, and placing new mortar in the joint to restore it to its original state. Tuck-pointing is a very common technique used by masons in restoration work of older buildings. In some cases Re-pointing can not be used and may require a mason to rebuild a section or the entire project. Contact us today for more information on this topic.

Which is better brick or stone?

Differences in Durability Brick is a very durable material. ... While brick is very durable, stone takes it to the next extreme. Stone is not only extremely resistant to the elements, but also has an incredibly long life, even compared to brick